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La minoxidine:

Used 3 times per day with 4%, it can slow down the fall of hair slightly but it no case it can make them push back!

Therapies acting on the effect of the hormones:

Certain drugs can block the action of the male hormones. They can have an action which slows down the fall of the hair, but these results are not comparable with hairgraft and as soon as you stop taking the drugs, the fall of hair starts again.

If the capillary drugs or care do not make it possible to have new hair, which is the solution? It is micrografting!


In the Fifties, the first grafts of hair were tried. The principle is as follows:

We take hair which belongs to a hormonal zone "immunized" against the effects of the male hormones and we implant them in the zones where the hair was sensitive to androgens. As the bulbs (it is the name of the cell “root” of a hair) of this new hair are resistant to the hormones, they will make push hair for life!

The first grafts were painful and required not only a long and hard intervention but also there were very expensive. It is not anymore the case today. In 1985, the concept of micrografts appeared. Since then the technique was developped so as to give fast results with an easy intervention, without pain, rapid and financially accessible for the large majority of the patients.

Hair Graft Example



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