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Hair-For-Life - Real Hair for your entire Life, Hairloss treatment by professionnals
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Professionals finally will explain you
the reasons and the treatment for hair loss.

Today you can have hair for the life thanks to micrografting, a perfectly controlled technique by the team of H&L (Hair-for-Life) ! !

This technique, whose rate of success is 100%,
offers all the guarantees of safety, speed and success.

The treatment of baldness by micrografting is a current operation.
The micrografts are practiced since many years
by our teams of specialists in our medical center in Geneva.
The intervention is fast and without pain.

You will see your hair pushing back in the grafted zones.
No more need for products or capillary complements because


exemple de greffe de cheveux
Jean-Yves, laboratory assistant, 37 years old, after only one session of micrografts


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